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Please Note: AMSN does not have access to MSNCB's certification systems and cannot answer questions related to certification.



  • I cannot log in and I’m not receiving the password reset email.


We have updated our website and database in July 2023, and if this is your first time logging in since there, there is a new  verification process that all users must complete to access your AMSN member account. Attempting to login normally and the reset password will not work until you complete the verification process.

Please click the "Set Up an Account" tab in our login screen and enter the same email and name that was previously attached to your account. The password can be different if you wish, and it should connect you back to your previous account. After this is complete, you can login normally.



  • My organization will either reimburse me for my AMSN member or will pay for it directly. How do I do that?

    If your organization allows reimbursement from invoices, please use the invoice you receive from us when you purchase a membership.

    If you would like your organization to pay for your membership directly, our team must set up your organization in our system to allow this. Please email with information regarding your financial person’s contact information (they will need an AMSN account) and the full name of your organization.

    If your organization is already set up, on the payment page of your membership application, please select “Bill to org”. Your financial person then must pay by going to their portal and selecting Account > Payment Center to see your open invoice.

  • I signed up as a New Graduate/Senior Membership, why am I not seeing my membership active?

    Those two membership applications must be manually approved and activated by our team. Please allow us 1-2 days to approve those applications. If you purchased those memberships over the weekend, your application will be approved by our team on the following Monday.

  • I cannot renew my membership; it says there are no applications available to me?

    The system is saying “IF there are no applications available to you.” Please scroll down your contact information and click “save changes” to progress further into the renewal process.

  • I do not see multiple year memberships anymore, where can I find it?

    Unfortunately, multiple-year memberships (two year or three-year memberships) are not available at the moment. Please apply for our one-year membership as they are the only option available now.

  • I want to apply for the student scholarship but will not let me apply.

    In order to apply for the scholarship, you must have an AMSN account, active student membership (which is free), and be logged onto the main website.

    Please note: After sending in your information for a student membership, please use that same information (email and name) when setting up your account in the portal. Doing so will connect you with the contact information we have created for you if you do not have an account already.


  • Where can I access my certification?

    Our certification is now located in our AMSN Member Portal. From the main site, go to: My Profile > Account > My Certification. Please note that and the MSNCB Learning Builder site are now linked together. You must log into first to see your certification details.

  • Do I need to be an AMSN member to become certified?

    No, you do not. AMSN membership and CMSRN certifications are separate. However, as an AMSN member, you would receive a substantial discount when applying for certification.

    Join or Renew Your Membership (

  • What resources does AMSN have for preparing for the CMSRN certification exam?

    Currently, AMSN has two primary resources that we recommend as prep and study materials for the CMSRN exam: the recently released 6th Edition of the Core Curriculum for Medical-Surgical Nursing, which can be found in your portal store, as well as our online Certification Review Course, which can be found here Certification Review Course - Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses (

    Note: the only CRC is self-paced, so you can study at your own pace and earn NCPD at the same time.

  • I received my certification X year(s) ago, but my portal says I am inactive/non-member, and I don’t expire till X year(s).

    Your AMSN Member Portal only shows you your AMSN membership status. Certification and membership to AMSN are separate. Being certified does not grant you membership nor does being a member mean you are certified.

  • I am trying to apply for certification, and I am an active AMSN member, but it will not give me the member discount price.

    Our certification system is different from our membership system, sometimes there will be issues in recognizing membership status.

    If this is the case for you, please email with proof of your membership status so they can manually add your membership status into the certification system.

  • It looks like there are CE’s missing from my online CE Tracker. How can I get help with that?

    Please email with your question regarding the CE Tracker, and they will be able to provide assistance.


  • Accessing CINAHL/MEDLINE Databases

    This access is exclusive to current AMSN members, so first log in to your account. You can then go to the CINAHL and MEDLINE Access page. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the database access buttons.

  • I am an active member, but the Online Library is asking me to pay for monthly free NCPD courses.

    The AMSN Online Library is housed on a separate platform and occasionally, there will be issues in recognizing membership status.

    If this is the case for you, please email with proof of your membership status so we can manually adjust your membership status in the Online Library.

  • How do I purchase AMSN resources such as the Core Curriculum, Mentoring Program, and Scope and Standards?

    These have moved from our library to our member portal. To purchase, on our main site, go to: My Profile > Store.

  • I purchased an electronic version of the Core Curriculum, Mentoring Program, and/or Scope and Standards. How do access the file?

    These items have moved from our library to our member portal. To access this, go to: My Profile > Account > Manage Account > My Digital Bookshelf. Once there, you will be able to download PDF versions of each of these resources.

  • I just attended AMSN’s annual convention and cannot find a receipt of my registration for reimbursement in my portal.

    Due to our system and website change, registration receipts are no longer available in your profile. To access your receipt, please use the confirmation email you received when you first registered or email, and they will happily give you another receipt.