CMSRN Certification Review Course

AMSN CMSRN Certification Review Course

Preparing for the certification exam could not be easier with AMSN’s CMSRN Certification Review Course (CRC). Nurses can prepare for the CMSRN exam or brush up on med-surg foundational knowledge with AMSN’s eLearning Certification Review Course or AMSN’s Live/Virtual Certification Review Course

How the AMSN CMSRN Certification Review Course Can Benefit Nurses

Medical-surgical nurses provide care to adults with a variety of medical issues or who are preparing for/recovering from surgery.

Using the CMSRN exam blueprint as the foundation of the course, the AMSN CRC covers these topics and many more found on the CMSRN exam as well as provide test-taking tips and strategies.

In addition, the CRC will provide nurses with an increase in knowledge to better patient care, be better prepared for the CMSRN exam, and provide professional development opportunities that can help career growth.

CRC Formats and Options

There are two primary ways for med-surg nurses to access the AMSN CRC – Live or eLearning.

The Live CRC is an immersive two-day course led by a Subject Matter Expert. This course takes a deep dive into patient symptoms and diseases, along with the corresponding assessments and interventions completed by med-surg nurses. This program is classroom-style learning with an in-person CMSRN certification expert.

The Live CRC Course is offered as an in-person option where one of AMSN’s CRC instructors will travel to your facility and present the full course onsite for your nurses.

If hosting an onsite course is not feasible, the Live CRC can also be presented virtually via Zoom or your facility’s in-house online platform. The virtual course structure is identical to the in-person version but provides flexibility for learners to attend from anywhere.

There are a number of advantages to hosting a Live CRC course:

  • The CMSRN certification expert comes to you.
  • Opportunity for nurses to ask questions to the expert and receive immediate feedback.
  • A chance to bring multiple nurses together to learn the same material at the same time.
  • Offers 14 NCPD upon completion of the course.

Cost: $6,000.

Want to host a live CRC Course? Reach out to AMSN at for more information!

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eLearning CRC

The eLearning CRC is a thorough, interactive review of the most common diseases, symptoms, and issues seen in patients by medical-surgical nurses, along with the respective nursing assessments and interventions required by the medical-surgical nurse. The eLearning CRC is available for individual purchase in the AMSN Online Library.

The eLearning CRC is self-paced, open to all med-surg nurses, and you do not need to be an AMSN member to take this course. The practice questions at the end of each section are similar to those found on the CMSRN Exam and Contains workbooks for every module. And the eLearning CRD offers 20.5 NCPD credit upon completion of the course.

Cost: $149 Members; $199 Non-members