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AMSN is an ever-growing community of nearly 50,000 medical-surgical nurses - which includes our members and CMSRN certificants. You probably have already met a med-surg nurse; they are the largest nursing specialty in the world, found in nearly every practice environment you can think of, helping patients of varying medical needs. Our nurses share their stories from a unique perspective, as they are embedded in so many levels of patient care, staffing, and advocacy issues, on a daily basis. The nurse leaders on our Board of Directors and staff are experts on a wide variety of topics and will gladly share their knowledge with you.

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Our leaders and members advocate for patient care from the community level to Washington, DC, striving for policy changes and better health care worldwide. We continually curate and share news that has an impact on the public and the health care industry, as well as powerful stories from our nurses on the front lines. Our relevant headlines and communications are helping to drive change, and can be key to your news coverage. We also boast a robust social media following, with which we share your related and breaking news.